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30 bottles made from every batch

Our winemaking experience is quite simple and so much fun. On the first day, you will taste and choose grapes, then mix and prepare the grapes for fermenting. Then we will watch the wine for you for the 6-10 weeks it needs to ferment. Then you'll come back in to our winery to bottle and label the wine, completing the experience!

$350-$500 per batch depending on grapes

Bottling and custom labeling included

Great for groups for fun or team building.

Great for anyone for gifts, events, or consumption!


Taste and Choose:  You take a seat at our tasting bar and let us guide you through a wine tasting that is tailored to your palate.  You then choose which wine you would like to make.  (That's actually the hardest part!)


Make the wine:  We assemble all of the ingredients to create the wine you have chosen.  We then guide you through the process of actually mixing the ingredients as necessary and then you "throw" the yeast to get the fermentation started.  We will then take your started wine and take care of all of the other steps of production until it is ready to be bottled.


Bottling and Labeling:  Over the 6-10 weeks that your wine has been fermenting, we have been helping you create your own personal label for your wine.  You make your appointment to bottle your wine (we will have given you the date your wine will be ready) and when you arrive to bottle we will have your label ready.  Bottling actually only takes about 1 hour and is a lot of fun!  The end result:  You walk out of our winery with a minimum of 28 bottles of your own private labeled wines!

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