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Walk-ins are welcome or you can



Special pricing on Venue rentals! Call today!

Looking for a venue for your company party or Family get together? Cater your own food or use your favorite caterer (FREE OF CHARGE)!!We will reserve you one table or the entire venue! The best part is the wine is INCLUDED with the party rental! Let us take care of ALL of the details for you! Call 210-344-9463 with questions or to reserve today!


"Honor a Service man or woman" Wall

Every day, All year long!

This is our way to give back to these brave men and women and say "THANK YOU" for everything they have done and continue to do for us!

1. Come into our winery and buy a dog tag from our Military / First Responder Wall ($8.00)

2. Hang the dog tag on a hook on our "Wall"

3. Everytime a current or former Military or First Responder service man or woman comes into the winery, we will ask them to grab a dog tag off our wall and redeem a glass of wine on YOU to show our support and sincere gratitude for their sacrifice!

Walk-ins are welcome or you can

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