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The Stray Grape was started in 2008 as a Water 2 Wine Franchise by the three Burke sisters.  In 2012, they bought the naming rights and the business, and made what the Stray Grape is today! With new ownership taking over on January 1st, 2019, the longtime urban winery will continue to uphold the legacy the sisters began:


Good wine, good times, and good friends. 

Autumn Kane, Karen Cahill, Ashley Blair and Jamie Blair (pictured above) are striving to continue to grow the business in innovative ways, while keeping the same character and local charm that has made “THE GRAPE” so popular!  All four are self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs and enjoy the opportunity to see what our customers are looking for.

Our vision of staying local allows the benefits of Low Sulfides

What makes us unique is our local roots and fresh, low-sulfide wine!  Because we have opted NOT to sell/ship outside of the state of Texas, government regulations on adding preservatives (sulfides) to our wine do not apply to us. This means our wine contains low-sulfides, which increases the freshness of our wine and decreases headaches!  We are a small batch production winery that produces 30 bottles at a time for every batch we make.  We walk the wine through each step of the wine-making process and wait until the levels are just perfect prior to bottling and aging. 


All of this takes place at our winery in San Antonio.


Autumn is the “The Grape’s” Managing Partner and is a native Texan with an entrepreneurial spirit! She is a certified mixologist who decided to get into the wine business because of her affinity for wine and a good time! Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, and everything outdoors! She is a mother of two adult children (Devon and Levi) and you will often times find her behind the bar serving customers and taking care of her patrons!


Say hello and ask her about the University of Oklahoma!


Levi joined the winery in March of 2021 as a full time, Winery Associate! You will often times see him in the front entertaining guests as well as assisting with the bottling and producing of wine! 



Dennis has been our on site wine guru since the day we opened in 2008.  He will happily share with you his knowledge of wines and wine making while entertaining you with his witty repartee!  He and his wife, Mary, have been San Antonio residents since way back in the 1970's so they are practically native Texans although both are originally from Idaho.

Ask Dennis any question about wine and try to stump him!


Harry is our Resident Winemaker! Harry became an honorary Texan when he married his wife while in college. “She’s so much fun to be married to!” he says. They have five children and three grandkids (so far).


He worked in the IT industry for more than 40 years after graduating the University of Houston with a computer programming degree.


Harry enjoys many outdoor activities especially gardening.


He joined the Stray Grape team in July 2018 and enjoys making your wine the best it can be with the goal to exceed your expectations. 



A native San Antonian, Nancy is our new General Manager

as of February 1st, 2021.  She is one of the former owners

of the Stray Grape Urban Winery and 

eats/sleeps/breathes wine! Nancy is very active in her church and various "Acts groups". 


She still sees customer service as her number one passion 

and can't wait to tell you about her trips overseas to

wine country and what all she knows about

our wines!

Ask Nancy anything about wine OR the rodeo! You'll be 

right in her wheelhouse!

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