Go Ahead and Stray, you know you want to!

YOUR GAIN IS NO PAIN! All of our wines are low in sulfites and that means no more headache for you! We make and sell over 50 wines here at The Stray Grape.  They are all open and available for tasting every day during our business hours. (You must be at least 21, of course!)  With our selection of wines you can literally travel the world at our tasting bar.

Our tasting fee is $10 for 7 tastes and you get to keep the glass as our gift to you!

Reservations are required for TASTING groups of 7 or more. We want to make sure your large group gets all of our attention!  You may find more information on large tasting groups by clicking this link Winery Rental business hours general party.docx

You are also welcome to bring in your own snacks to enjoy while tasting!

Most importantly, we want to find YOU the perfect wine for YOUR palate!

Whether it's bottles or batches, you will not buy wine at The Stray Grape without first having the opportunity to taste it.

Finally, we are just as happy helping wine beginners learn and become comfortable with the world of wine as we are talking wine with wine connoisseurs.

So, come, learn and taste in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere here at The Stray Grape Urban Winery.




Fun Wine Facts

A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away

We've all heard it, but is it true?  Find out for yourself!  TRUE OR FALSE?

Unique Food Pairings

Did someone say Pizza and...Wine

We do!...and we have several great options from which to choose.  If you're looking for something full bodied, go with our Brunello or Rosso Fortissimo.  For those of you looking for something a bit lighter, we recommend our Sangiovese.  Either way, you're the winner!