What is The Stray Grape Urban Winery?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018



First and foremost, we are an operating winery located right here in the city limits of San Antonio, TX at 281 and Thousand Oaks.That might seem a bit strange since there are no grapes growing at our location, and most people associate wineries with vineyards.In actuality, we do what many winemakers do and we source grapes from elsewhere and make the wines onsite without having to own any vineyards.


     Vineyard                                                         Winery

This is a common practice in the wine business - even for those wineries that own their vineyards.Many times grapes are purchased elsewhere to make standalone wines to complement what a vineyard is growing or they purchase grapes to combine with what they have grown and create a blended wine.

We currently source grapes from 10 different countries and are making more than 50 wines.Each wine is individually sourced from a different vineyard.So, you can literally travel the world of wine while sitting at our tasting bar!


Tasting wine at The Stray Grape is like doing a barrel tasting at the vineyard where the grapes were grown.We do not add any preservatives to our wines; only what nature has produced is preserving our wines, so you get a true vineyard tasting without leaving town with the added benefit of no headache, stuffy nose or flushed face that sometimes comes from added sulfites.

Have you ever bought a wine, got home, opened it , poured a glass, took a sip and……spit it out????There is nothing more disappointing than anticipating that first sip and being sorely let down by the wine and the waste of money.Unless, of course, you have children…..then you’ve probably been otherwise disappointed once or twice!Either way, great wine is a must and that’s why we always let our customers taste before they buy.It’s only fair to know that you are getting exactly what you like to drink in a bottle of wine and we deliver on that every day.

You may be wondering how we can possibly make so many wines at one location.The answer is, “small batch” wine production.We make every single wine just 6 gallons at a time!It doesn’t sound like much but it yields 30 bottles of wine.We like to say that’s one for every day of the month!

The most unique thing about The Stray Grape is that you, our customer, can experience being the winemaker by tasting, choosing and making one of our wines for yourself.Imagine you, making, bottling and labeling your own wine!It is the ultimate wine experience and it ends with you walking out with 30 bottles of your own private label wine.

We are also a family owned small business.We are three sisters who still manage to get along most of the time and we take pride in that we have been in business for 10 years at the same location.Along the way our spouses, children and even our parents have worked for us!

Like most “winos” we like to take wine “research” trips to wine country.I have never taken one of those trips when I didn’t come home feeling very proud of the quality of wine that we produce and the price point that we offer to our customers here at The Stray Grape Urban Winery.

Let us share some of that pride with you!We invite you to break away from your routine of searching the grocery store shelves for a good looking label and instead come join in the fun and unique experience of tasting before you buy and possibly even making your own superb custom labeled wine!

Go Ahead And Stray, You Know You Want To!