September Featured Wines

Tuesday, September 04, 2018


These 2 wines are offered on a LIMITED basis. Wine Club Members have primary access to the allotment, join today to make sure you have access to these special wines. Remaining wines will be made available to the general public next month.


Muscat, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc are wonderful on their own but sing when blended together.Muscat is fruity and crisp, Verdejo has mineral and citrus notes, and Sauvignon Blanc is herbaceous with pleasing acidity.When married, their unique elements create an off-dry, soft, refreshing, fruit-forward wine with a bright bouquet and a complex finish.Milagro Blanco carries notes of passion fruit and white flower on the nose, and is supported by juicy melon, peach, fresh lime and grass with a hint of honey on the palate.

La Mancha is steeped in history and is believed to have been producing wine since the Roman empire.A challenging place to grow grapes, the region is found in hot and dry central Spain, south east of Madrid where the rivers provide much needed water.Hard working vines planted in water-absorbing limestone and chalk sub-soil produce grapes that boast concentrated flavors that burst on the palate.The fruity and floral character of this white wine pairs exquisitely with moderately spiced Szechuan, Thai and Vietnamese dishes.Lighter meats like chicken and white fish with green salad dressed in light vinaigrette are natural matches for a fresh, tantalizing meal.


A real powerhouse, this blend has a bold taste and tannic backbone.The addition of Petit Syrah softens the jammy notes that are characteristic of Zinfandel and the Cabernet Sauvignon lends texture.Dark ripe berry aromas blend with smoke and spice elements that lead into flavors of black cherry, vanilla and black pepper with a lasting finish.

Just south of Sonoma County, with only two roads and over 60 wineries boasting 9,000 acres of vineyards, you will find the rich soils of Dry Creek Valley.The region experiences warm days as the mountains block strong ocean gusts from reaching the vineyards planted throughout the hills.Fog from Sonoma often rolls into the valley in the afternoon, bringing a gentle cooling effect that continues into the evening.This fog slows the ripening process allowing the grapes to develop balanced acidity while still benefiting from the California sun.

The tannins in this wine pair well with richer, more fatty foods-think barbequed meats like densely marbled marinated steaks or braised short ribs.A creamy mushroom stroganoff would also be a beautiful match.When pairing with cheese, consider bold flavors like Parmesan, Peau Rouge and Aged Cheddars.