November Featured Wines

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


These 2 Wines Are Our Featured Wine Club Wines for November 



Australia’s bold, individualistic style has unleashed the full potential behind the ‘king of red grapes’.

In the 1970s, the Coonawarra region first brought international attention to Australian Cabernet Sauvignons with intense fruit flavors and subtle minty notes. The Margaret River region soon followed with wines that were tightly structured with pronounced black fruit notes.

An exciting Cabernet combining forward fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant with a tremendous backing of tannin and structure. Rich and polished with a long, layered finish warmly accentuated with oak.

Approachable in true Aussie style, this Cabernet from Down Under is a long-lasting, smooth wine that will reward those with the patience to age it .Cabernet Sauvignon thrives here, delivering surprisingly classic character.

Brilliant with lamb, duck, barbeque and aged cheeses, it’s also an excellent wine for sipping on a summer patio by itself.

This Cabernet matures early, making this easy to drink right away, but 6 months in the bottle will bring out more subtle fruits and spice.






Symphony is a white grape that defies tradition and convention. It is a hybrid of two French grapes:

Muscat of Alexandria, a white grape of intensely aromatic character, and Grenache Gris, a red grape with bold fruity flavors and zesty acidity.

The resulting wine has an incredibly strong bouquet of melon, grapefruit, mango, peach, banana and papaya. This fruity character picks up it's sturdy backbone from the acidity and hint of tannin carried over from the Grenache Gris. The name was created by scientis Dr. Harold Olmo at the University of California, Davis who tasted one of the first finished wines made from the new grape ad declared that it showed a "Symphony of aromas and flavors".

Food Pairings: Symphony is excellent with spicy foods like Szechuan or even Mexican. It is also great with sliced mango and papaya.

It is a good aperitif, and pairs very well with a Caesar-style salad topped with grilled chicken.